Initial Consultation for physical therapists and physiotherapists

Version 1.0 (May 2016)

Initial Consultation for physical therapists and physiotherapists

Initial Consult PT

Take notes quickly and efficiently with Initial Consultation PT, the physical therapy note-taking app for the iPad Pro. We know that you will already have your practice management software and note taking capabilities, but this is to speed up efficiency and reduce time. Many current practice management programs do not have an easy-to-draw body chart and often the patient notes are the after thought of the program.

We’ve removed the bells and whistles and have gone back to the basics. We have a simple, single-page initial consultation sheet to fill out with your Apple Pencil just like you would on paper. Add the patient’s name, fill in the body chart and medical information, then send it to your main computer to be saved in your patient’s file… easy!

We are not here to overcomplicate life, just get things done faster. To get the full benefit of this App, you must have the Apple Pencil.





Refresh the entire page. Don’t like what you have documented? Clear the screen and start again.


Send the document to photos, print, email, share to external Apps, or Air Drop to your main computer.

If you would like to see further functions added, send us an email and we’ll look into it.